Somehow, we’ve finally hit the holiday season, and you know what that means — ‘Tis the season for making lists!’ With Thanksgiving behind us, the shopping season is upon us. Kids around the world have started making their holiday wish lists, dreaming of new toys and technology. 


As you’re making your own list and checking it twice, consider the “wish” list for your business. It’s time to start thinking about what you want and need for your business. How are you going to make sure the new year is better for your business than this year? And which areas of your business need to be better? 


The first place to start looking for answers is your relationship with your B/D. What do you want to get out of your relationship with your B/D? Ask yourself, “What tools do I need to grow my business? What do I need in order to better serve my clients? How can I gain operational efficiencies?”


The answer to these questions will look different for every advisor. For some, it might be new products and enhanced marketing support they hope to find ‘gift wrapped.’  For others, it could be new technologies and better practice management.


There’s no limit to what you put on your wish list. Even the most outrageous wants could morph into something powerful for your business. . Every B/D is different and has their own niche, so you never know if your ideal wish list is already part of a B/D’s company culture. 

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