Mariner Wealth Buys AdvicePeriod

  • AdvicePeriod and Mariner Wealth join forces
  • The start of the largest national advisory firms
  • Independence with a strong backing

There’s a big blockbuster deal on the horizon, and in comes in the way of Mariner Wealth buying Steve Lockshin’s $5.1B RIA, AdvicePeriod. The deal, which is expected to close at the end of August, will reinforce Mariner Wealth’s already impressive $30B AUM. 

With a deal this big, it begs the question, was it all about size and scale? These are significant firms joining forces, and their new footprint will certainly grow. But the truth of the matter is, one of the main driving factors was the ability to better develop financial services technology and expand on their service offering. 

Advisors can expect an expanded level of flexibility and options once the deal goes through. For independent advisors, AdvicePeriod brings more choices to the table for those looking to partner with a wealth advisory firm, and with Mariner Platform Solutions, advisors have the ability to maintain their own brand and business while being backed and receiving support from the company. 

As August rolls around, this is going to be the deal to watch. It may well be a great opportunity for advisors looking to find a new home for their business that provides more freedom and dedication to innovation, but also has a strong infrastructure and is backed by a trusted name. And let’s keep an eye on Mariner Wealth beyond this big story. They have a goal to become one of the largest national advisory firms, so more news of this kind may also be on the horizon. 

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