Zoom In! 3 Tips For More Impactful Video Calls With Clients

Fears about Covid-19 and new mandates against in-person interactions have led many advisors to explore video calls to engage with clients.  Doing so during these times makes sense and there are no shortage of solutions out there to explore (Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts and Skype among them). 

Regardless of the platform you choose, looking good and instilling confidence can be enhanced by following these 3 tips for professional video calls.

1. Set the scene – Think about what your client will see behind and around you during the call.  What messages are you sending without even thinking about it? A messy desk or credenza? 

Consider placing a company logo in your background or a calming photo/painting.  Background design and placement of props play a large role in how we view (and develop trust) in TV shows and movies.  Your video call can leverage a lot of those same techniques.

2. Quiet on the set – We’d be willing to bet the number one question asked in every video or conference call is “can you hear me?”  Ambient noise, colleagues in the next room, the heat or a/c…what have you…today’s microphones are designed to pick up even the minutest sounds and as such, they’ll pick up plenty of things you hadn’t intended either.  

Try to find a quiet space and even consider buying some basic acoustical tiles to deaden competing sounds and enhance the clarity of your own voice.

3. Stand up – They say the camera adds 10 pounds, we’re not sure about that but one thing it certainly can do is magnify slouching.  You may think you have the best posture, but over the course of a call it is possible you’ll start sinking down in your seat and end up in a position that doesn’t exactly instill confidence.  

Standing desks are perfect for video conferencing. Most are adjustable so you can find a good level for the camera and your background and being on your feet is ideal for blood flow and energy.


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