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Culture can be a powerful force. Just look at the Cincinnati Bengals who defied all the predictions and earned a spot in the championship. At the beginning of the season, the odds of them making it very far were not in their favor. They kicked it off with roughly 100-to-1 odds of winning the championship and were basically projected to be noncontenders — with all but three teams behind them on the rankings. 

Yet, they made it to the big game. After upsetting Kansas City and Tampa, and a host of other teams throughout season, they set themselves up for a chance at the ultimate success. This kind of turnaround doesn’t just happen by chance; it takes talent, hard work, strong beliefs, and a huge commitment from the franchise to build a positive, winning culture that moves you from likeable underdog to underestimated winner. Imagine having that kind of support, talent and commitment on your broker-dealer team. Could you make the big step forward and compete at the next level? 

Culture is a game changer and intrinsically linked to a financial advisor’s success, growth, and ability to provide their clients with the best service. If the current home for your business does not have a culture that aligns with your aspirations or beliefs, it’s time to make the big move. 3xEquity can serve as your professional scout — giving you the inside track on finding a new and better home for your business. Afterall, advisors that are seeing greater success and growth in their business are in an environment where the culture aligns with their core beliefs and values. You should be too!


Don’t underestimate culture. It’s a driving factor in your future success and, if not in alignment with your needs, is also big reason for wanting to take your business elsewhere and join a new team. Over time, the culture of a broker-dealer or wirehouse can change — and the same holds true for advisors. Couple that fact with the powerful growth potential culture brings to your team and you can see why it is currently one of the top reasons for an advisor to decide to make a big move. 

Whether you’re early in your career or a veteran pro, don’t settle for a culture that doesn’t align with your own. You need top tier tools and tech, superior service and support and a winning attitude from you broker-dealer. Are you settling for ‘good enough’ right now? Let 3xEquity help you find a new and better home for your business. We can secure you multiple offers from leading national and regional broker-dealers in a matter of days — all while you stay 100% anonymous.

The power of a strong culture can go a long way and you deserve the best for your business and clients. If you think a culture change is needed to take your business to the next level, let 3xEquity work with you as a personal transition specialist — we’ll find you a new and better home for business that is the right cultural fit. 

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