The Importance Of Anonymity

Has there ever been a time when you wish you could go off the grid, that you could just be a fly on the wall? In today’s age, with all our advanced technology, anonymity can be hard to come by. Look at Twitter for example. A very vague description of a person can quickly lead to someone tracking down the person and their life story. These days, no matter what you seem to do, it’s becoming harder and harder to remain anonymous.

For advisors, the ability to stay anonymous during the process of finding a new broker-dealer can be crucial. It’s the lack of anonymity that can make switching broker-dealers too much  of a risk for advisors to take on and is often what deters them from making a move. 

Most advisors don’t want to let their current firm know when they’re considering a switch. It has the possibility of jeopardizing their current situation including possible legal actions taken by the current firm. And if the word gets out that you are considering making a switch, it can lead to recruiters reaching out and trying to get in contact 24/7. We all know how irritating it can be to be bombarded with emails and phone calls, not to mention how distracting they can be when you’re trying to focus on your clients. 

The good news is, we know how remaining anonymous can carry extra importance through the switching process. And that’s where 3xEquity can be your solution. We’ll secure you multiple offers from broker-dealers, all without revealing your identity. So you get the best of both worlds!

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Curious about switching broker dealers? Secure your 2 best offers all while remaining 100% anonymous.

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Secure Multiple Offers All While Remaining 100% Anonymous


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