The New Normal

It’s been over a year since the world as we knew it came to a halt. It’s been a time filled with learning to be flexible and adaptable, as most of the country adjusted to working remotely. And while we’re getting closer to putting COVID-19 behind us as vaccines are distributed across the country, many behaviors we adopted over the past year are here to stay – and those changes offer advisors new opportunities. The bottomline: When we get back to normal, it will be a new normal.

As the pandemic made its way across the country, most of the working population found themselves working from the confines of their homes. We now know that we are capable of working from just about anywhere, as well as receiving top-notch service remotely. 

Moving forward, advisors won’t be limited to focusing on one city or region. Expectations from clients and prospects won’t hinge on that ‘oh so important’ in-person meeting. Of course, they will occur, but they won’t be mandatory. With face-to-face video conferencing tools, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and the right B/D support, advisors can connect with new prospects across the nation. This is great news for advisors looking to grow their practice through new client acquisition or attract advisors to build their team.

With advisors having more geographical freedom also comes the need for technology that allows you stay ahead of the curve and do more with less. That’s where your B/D plays an imperative role. Every advisor’s situation is different, but for those looking to take advantage of the opportunities the new normal will bring, your B/D is the linchpin to your future success. A superior tech stack and advanced online tools are now B/D table stakes. 

In addition to top-tier tech needed to stay ahead of the competition, digital marketing resources will be needed to win business outside your ‘normal’ geographical boundaries. And what about guidance on the best messaging and channels you should use to appeal to potential clients? The new normal will still see us collectively spend more and more time staring at the screens of our smartphones and computers, making digital content one of the best ways for advisors to engage with potential clients. Is your B/D addressing all, or any, of these needs? 

With advisor growth opportunities rising and the landscape changing towards a more tech-driven, geographically boundless future, it’s time to consider if you’re B/D is keeping up with the New Normal. If they’re not, 3xEquity is here to help. We’ll provide you with 3 qualified B/D offers and everything you need to help you consider switching broker-dealers. We’ll be by your side every step of the way. Just Click Here to explore all the ways we can help you find the B/D best suited for your unique needs.

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