Is Your BD Ready For The Next Wave

  • The Need for Robust Technology
  • The Effect of the Omicron Variant
  • The Importance of a Trustworthy B-D

Most of us thought that, by this point, COVID-19 would be in our rearview mirror and life would be back to normal – or at least a more stable new normal. But that’s far from reality. The recent surge in cases due to the newest variant, omicron, has many parts of the country contemplating soft lockdowns. 

While not all advisors have returned back to the office, those that have might once again find themselves having to spend more time working remotely. The return to a work from home setup means advisors will find themselves once again relying more on the technology provided to them by their broker-dealer. The question is whether yours will be prepared and ready if lockdowns become a reality.

Enough time has passed since the original pandemic lockdown that the broker-dealers who fell short in their support and services the first time have had the time to fill in the gaps. But if advisors find themselves still longing for better support, integrated technology, and operational efficiencies, it’s time to find a home for your business elsewhere. If you’ve been let down once, it’s often on them… twice, it starts being on you too! Let 3xEquity help you quickly and easily explore your options, so you are prepared if a move is in order! 

With so much uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and its ability to turn our world upside down in the blink of an eye, it’s important to have a broker-dealer you can trust to bring robust support no matter where you’re working from. With a soft lockdown looming, it’s time to question whether or not your broker-dealer is providing you with what you need to get the job done and whether proactive steps are in place to navigate any further challenges ahead. Not sure your current broker-dealer is up to the task of providing you with everything you need? You should be! 

We’re here to help — let 3xEquity help you find a broker-dealer that’s the perfect fit for your business and checks off all the boxes on your list. We’ll get you multiple offers from leading national and regional broker-dealers in just a few days without revealing your identity. Along the way, we’ll act as your sounding board and transition expert helping you get the best deal possible. 

Our role is making sure you end up with a broker-dealer that fits your unique needs — a new and better home for your business. The time is now to start the process. 

Get started by completing the form below.  Remember, your information is completely confidential, your name is never revealed to a firm until you are ready.

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