In addition to COVID-19, there has been another epidemic this past year—widespread financial turbulence. From businesses shutting down to market volatility and everything in-between, it’s been a time filled with financial struggles – and advisors have experienced their fair share. 

While most people think of financial advisors as having it all together and having their financials in order, life happens, and unexpected things can occur. The result: Some advisors find themselves in personal or business-related debt. 

The good news for those advisors that may find themselves in this situation is, we have a solution for you! Advisors can use a transition to a new B/D to help them manage their way out of debt or provide breathing room for operational expenses. A transition package can provide an infusion of capital that enables you to pay off debt or other obligations and is a great way for an advisor to handle any business issues with their current B/D. 

If you find yourself in need of a capital infusion or heading in that direction and are looking for a way out, let us help.  On top of finding a B/D that fits your needs, we will also help you negotiate the best transition package possible. Whatever your financial situation, if this sounds intriguing to you and you want to learn more click here.




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