How a market downturn can impact your transition package (and why moving now might make sense)

This article was originally published on AdvisorHub on March 12th, mere days before the market’s dramatic turn.

A possible downturn or correction in the market can mean anxious clients, but it can also mean a significant decrease in your transition package to move firms.

Each year thousands of advisors switch broker-dealers.  You may be considering a move in the future yourself.

Have you considered what a downturn in the market could mean for your transition deal? 

If you have $1.5mil in production and the market corrects 10% for the year, you lose close to half a million dollars from your Wirehouse transition deal by waiting until next year to move.

We’ve seen an increase in the number of advisors reaching out to 3xEquity in the past few months to assist them in their transition/move, many who have become more curious because of reports on AdvisorHub and other industry sites about the growth in the size of transition deals over the past few months.  Although we know the right fit and servicing clients are the priorities when considering a move, it has been hard not to notice the size of some of the recent deals we’ve seen.

Advisors need to consider how current market conditions could impact their wallet in the long term and in turn, how long they should wait to make that move.

When the past 12-month market performance is at all-time highs, that is when your transition package is likely to be at its highest. 

If a move is on your horizon and you are curious about securing multiple transition offers, while staying 100% anonymous, 3xEquity can help.  Getting started only takes a couple of seconds and beginning now could be worth a lot in the long run.


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