Finding Balance For You And Your Clients

  • Technology: Leveraging B/D technology to personalize client relationships
  • Practice Management: Relying on your B/D to help work “in your business” while you “work on your business”
  • Business Consulting: B/D business consulting support vs. going it alone 

COVID-19 hit us much in the way a hurricane does, fast and strong. In a mere 8 months, we’ve seen our worlds flipped upside down in ways no one would have guessed. 

The election, the global pandemic, market volatility…all this has likely left your clients with anxiety. With so much up in the air, it’s critical to find balance. As advisors we want to help our clients find stability and put their minds at ease.

It’s equally as important for advisors to create a balanced environment of their own. 

Is your broker-dealer giving the support you need to foster a balanced environment and subsequently help you find balance for your clients?

Here are 3 ways your B/D can help you find balance. 


Technology has become a critical component of our lives, and it has the ability to help make running a business easier. Technology gives advisors the opportunity to better serve their clients by making client interaction more collaborative, creating a clearer path for goals-based planning. How much easier would life be with “single sign-on” or other, seemingly basic tech advancements?

Practice Management

Advisors can find that without adequate practice management support from their broker-dealer, they’re left grinding through tedious paperwork, compliance with FINRA, operational hassles, human resources, and other back-office functions that keep them from focusing on their clients. Finding a B/D that handles practice management well will leave you with more time to spend with your clients, helping them achieve their dreams. 

Business Consulting

Advisors want a B/D dedicated to helping them reach their business goals. While no B/D can provide expertise in every area, you want someone that you can lean on and will provide support and advice when necessary. A B/D with the experience, expertise, and willingness to work closely with your business can help you grow and deepen client relationships. 

Ask yourself this, “Is my broker-dealer doing enough to help me and my clients find balance?”

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