Transitions Aren’t What They Used To Be…They’re Better!

We’ve all heard of the headaches that are often associated with transitioning to a new broker- dealer — the pains of repapering, the long transition time commitment, the risk of compliance issues rising and the worst, client attrition. It’s enough to keep you from making the move you’ve always dreamed of or make you seriously consider other options. News flash… that was yesterday, and today, those limitations aren’t holding advisors like you back. Bottom line – transitions aren’t what they used to be. 

The process of transitioning to a new broker-dealer has been rapidly evolving over the past decade, and it’s being driven by digital. In fact, it’s even changed significantly over the course of the last year. So, it’s time to throw away your preconceived notions on switching broker-dealers, open your eyes to opportunity and get in the game.

So, what’s so different about transitions today?

  • Digital automation is streamlining tasks. Many broker-dealers have adopted systems to help advisors collect the information that’s allowable via the Broker Protocol, effectively taking away some of the risk that comes with making a switch. 
  • It’s not just fast – it’s super-fast and personalized. Just imagine, after a Friday afternoon move, advisors can expect an overnight package on their doors by Saturday morning containing all the documents that require their signature. 
  • No more juggling, just check your dashboard. One of the biggest differences about transitioning today is the advisor’s ability to track everything. Powerful online dashboards now display the progress, percentage of accounts opened or moved and where each client is in the transfer process. 

3xEquity can secure you multiple offers from the top national and regional broker-dealers, all while you stay 100% anonymous. From there we work with you to streamline the entire process, with a goal of helping you find your best fit (and getting the biggest transition package possible).

Visit to learn just how easy transitioning can be with the 3xEquity team on your side. 

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