Fear Factor: 3 Common Fears About Changing Broker-Dealers (And How To Overcome Them)

From that knee-knock feeling standing on the high dive for the first time as a young kid to turning on the nightly news, fear is a powerful force in our lives.

Successful people tend to be the ones who can blast through those fears, but even they experience moments of doubt.  At those times, having facts and strategies can provide the reassurance to move forward.

Changing broker-dealers from the outside can look like a minefield with risks around every turn.  The reality is, armed with facts and strategies (and an experienced partner) the entire process becomes manageable.  And as many attest, a huge step towards achieving your personal career and financial goals.

Here are 3 of the most common fears and how to put them to rest.

My clients won’t make the move with me

Your clients trust you, not the brand name on the door.  They have entrusted you with their hopes and dreams and the data shows that at the end of the day they are loyal to you.  One $2.7 million producing advisor, who we recently helped make the change,  was able to move  92% of his assets in less than 50 days.  All done during the current COVID pandemic  Our most recent advisor transition survey showed similar results, with 73% of advisors having moved 70%+ of assets within the first few months.

Transitioning will take time that I don’t have

Like most fears, this one is born in truth. Changing broker-dealers has a number of steps and many take time.  Even though much of our world is shut down right now, we seem busier than ever before.  Adding a move to the mix, even though doing so would come with significant upsides, feels like the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

The good news is advisors who partner with 3xEquity get all of the benefits of pursuing a transition while minimizing their own time, energy, and effort it requires.  3xEquity handles all of the logistics involved, speeding up the process, and ensuring all of the boxes get checked.  Best of all, 3xEquity does this completely free of charge to you, the advisor.

What if the grass isn’t greener?

This may sound strange coming from a company focused on helping advisors move, but the truth is it might not be.  Our goal is to empower advisors to identify their best fit, and it does happen, where an advisor goes through the process and realizes where they are right now makes the most sense.  This is another reason why remaining anonymous is so important.    By securing offers anonymously you can safely determine the best path without impacting your current relationships.  3xEquity is the only partner who has built a process on keeping your identity 100% confidential.

The author Jack Canfield famously said, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

If you are curious about changing broker-dealers and would like to discuss how to move forward with confidence, schedule a free consultation by clicking here or go ahead and ask us to secure multiple offers for you right now by clicking here.


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