Don’t Let An OOOF Message Derail Your Plans To Move in 2021

If you are moving your practice in 2021 we’ve got some important news.  

If you are wondering if there is still time to change firms before the end of this year the answer is “yes.”  The timeline for a move is usually 2-3 months, but we have recently helped advisors motivated to move quickly streamline the process and change BDs in a few weeks.  

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For a move in 2021, one of the last items on your checklist is transferring your licenses to the new firm through FINRA.  This can become a challenging issue at the tail end of the year with holidays and closed offices.  Without proper planning, you could be surprised with your license being in limbo for a week and delayed to 2022.

FINRA will be closed on the following dates:


Wednesday, November 24th (1pm ET early close)

Thursday, November 25th

Friday, November 26th


Thursday, December 23rd (1pm ET early close)

Friday, December 24th 


Friday, December 31st (1pm ET early close)

Based on the above we recommend giving yourself a week buffer and making December 13th your deadline for submitting to FINRA for 2021.

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