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The holiday season is finally upon us and that means it’s also the biggest shopping time of the year. People flock to the nearest stores, and online marketplaces, to secure all the popular products and find the best gifts, at the best deals, for their family and friends. And, as brands continue to dole out incredible deals and offers to entice people to shop with them, many of us will find ourselves in an endless stroll (or scroll) through the various stores to confirm that we’ve gotten the best deal. 

Advisors should consider doing some broker-dealer shopping of their own. After all, you’re in a similar environment — broker-dealer offers and deals abound and are more enticing than ever. So, even if you’re happy or satisfied with where you are now, it’s both helpful and exciting to see what other offers are out there — and there are a lot out there. Worst case scenario, you validate that you’re exactly where you should be. Worried about the time it may take? Don’t be! 3xEquity does all the heavy lifting – serving as your very own personal shopper. 

You owe it to yourself and your clients to make sure you have the absolute best home for your business possible and we make it easy to find the deals. So, grab your pen and paper (or laptop, tablet, or phone) and get started on your broker-dealer shopping list. It starts with considering your current situation and compiling a list of all the features or benefits you wish your current broker-dealer offered? Is there a specific operational challenge you face or a technology you think would make your life easier? Dig deep and make sure you get everything you might want in a broker-dealer on your list, even if you think it’s out of reach. 

Once your list is together, bring it to us and we’ll do your broker-dealer shopping for you. In a matter of days, you’ll get offers from world-class broker-dealers and we’ll help you sort through them and narrow it down to those you want to consider. From there, we’ll help you set up meetings, understand the terms of the deal, and act as your sounding board. Remember, as we secure the best deals and offers, you stay 100% anonymous, just in case you decide to stay where you are now. 

Don’t let this shopping season pass you by without exploring what else is out there. 3xEquity will do the shopping and deal gathering at no cost or obligation to you. Start the new year off knowing your business is in the right spot or that you are making a move that will benefit your business. Click here to get your shopping spree started.

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