B/D Bridges vs. Barriers

When you’re looking at your long-term growth strategy and reconsidering your current B/D relationship, be careful not to limit your options by viewing past relationships as dead ends, burnt bridges, or less viable paths to success. Today more than ever, B/Ds want you back and are eager to show you how they’ve improved their service offering.

Recently, Financial Advisor reported on a San Diego-based advisory managing approximately $250 million in AUM that announced it was returning to its former B/D after moving to a new one in 2016. So, despite what you may think or have heard, you can go home again!

B/Ds are looking to grow their fold and welcome the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with you. Remember, just as you have evolved as a professional and your practice has grown and adapted to address the ever-changing wealth management landscape, B/Ds have been doing the same. The group you thought you knew may surprise you

The bottom line is you need to better support and serve your clients and gain operational efficiencies. Over the past few years, many B/Ds have progressed and streamlined their processes by embracing fintech and incorporating exciting advancements that are worth taking a look (or second look) at – whether or not you have worked with them or considered working with them in the past. 

A better fit, more support, superior technology – the reasons you consider a move are unique to your firm and usually reflect how you have grown your organization. B/Ds have evolved too, and we can help you take a look at what they have to offer without unleashing an eager B/D salesperson on you. At 3X Equity, we do it on your terms.

Let us know if we can help. At 3X Equity, there’s no pressure – so there’s no excuses. To discover how you can turn B/D barriers into B/D bridges, click here




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