Avoiding The Mousetrap

  • Recognizing the Cheese
  • Not all Moves are Created Equal
  • Winning the Recruiting Game

With the number of advisors looking to make a move on the rise, it’s time to start taking a closer look at the deals some broker-dealers are bringing to the table. We’re all familiar with the premise of a mousetrap — the tempting cheese, or bait, is placed to lure the mouse in and then once taken, the mouse’s fate is literally and figuratively sealed. The same holds true for advisors as they start receiving offers on a potential big move. So, be sure to ask yourself some important questions… What’s the cheese?… Is this a trap?… Will I get all that I have been promised?

Advisors are out there trying to do better by themselves, their families, and their clients. In doing so, many have come to the realization that their current situation isn’t bringing forth the best results for their people. So, what are they doing? They’re going out and finding a new and better home for their business. Our 2021 Financial Advisors Transition Survey Report (free download) shows that most moves are “like to like” moves — with broker-dealer to broker-dealer moves constituting almost 50% of all the reported moves. So, the cheese is definitely a primary driver.

Some advisors may be lulled into a sense of believing that going from one broker-dealer to another is a simple transition, but there’s often more than meets the eye. The truth of the matter is, not all broker-dealers are created equal and therefore neither are their offers — nor their ability to fully deliver on the cheese you’re so tempted by. You need to see the bigger picture and be sure you’re getting the best deal you can without prematurely committing to the first tempting deal. That’s where 3xEquity can help.

Remember, broker-dealers aren’t new to the recruiting game and aggressive ones know what cheese to put out to capture an advisor’s attention. Enticing offers can be enough to get an advisor trapped if you don’t have the right guidance and insight to understand the offer and the broker-dealer’s ability to deliver. Ultimately, it’s up to the advisor to take a closer look and make the right decision — but we can help you make a much clearer and informed decision. 

Don’t let the fear of falling for a trap keep you from finding a better home for your business. 3xEquity helps you avoid the mousetrap. In a matter of days, we will secure you 3 offers from leading broker-dealers all while you stay anonymous. We’ll also provide you with up-to-date research and data and walk you through the nuances of the offers. We’re built to find you a home for your business that checks off all your boxes and fills your unique needs — win the game and avoid the mousetrap.

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