3 Keys to Putting Together a Winning Team

The big game this past Sunday brought a highly anticipated matchup between two quarterback powerhouses in Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. And despite Brady’s prowess and the Bucs’ home field advantage, Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs were still favored to win the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy. Yet even while being considered the underdogs, the Buccaneers:

  • never doubted their talent or themselves
  • executed on their game strategy

And went on to route the Chiefs 31-9 and be declared the champions!

Is the B/D team that you are on of championship-caliber? Does it have the talent and devote the resources required to make you competitive and a winning team on the field – regardless of the expected outcomes? Do they strategically support you and help you execute flawlessly so you can elevate your game? 

Here are three factors that contribute to putting together a winning team.

Communication – The Huddle

Communication is crucial in football and can make or break a team. Simple communication like a coach calling a play and subsequently the quarterback clearly communicating the play to an offense that understands their role makes all the difference. It’s the same for financial advisors. Clear communication between advisor and B/D is key. Both sides need to set expectations and clearly communicate them across all crucial topics and matters. The better the communication, the more efficient a team can be, especially now with so much uncertainty in the world.

Culture – Team Spirit

A big part of building a winning team is the culture that is created and instilled. A critical part of a successful advisor-B/D relationship is identifying, understanding, and managing the organizational culture. Culture incompatibility leads to a paralysis in decision-making and a failure to meet business-critical milestones. Just like a new superstar QB or RB, you need a B/D that will fit into your team and line up with your values if you are to tap into their full potential. In order to help you achieve success, it’s important that your B/D understands and is aligned with your core beliefs. 

Support – Teamwork 

As they say, there’s no “I” in team. Teamwork is essential in getting the job done. You want to be on a team that is there to aid you and provide the necessary support to help you achieve your goals. Support from a B/D can look different for every advisor, depending on the areas that require help. Looking to expand your business? Maybe you need a B/D that has expertise in marketing plans or has the technology needed to expand your reach and find more clients. Looking to spend more time with your clients? You may want a B/D that handles all aspects of practice management. 

Whether you align yourself to being a G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) or a young phenom or somewhere in between, being on a winning team is essential if you are to be a champion. Need to call an audible because you don’t think you’re on a winning team and need to make a trade? Let us help you with your scouting efforts for the right B/D. We can help you secure multiple offers while remaining 100% anonymous if you click here.


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