2020 was a rollercoaster ride of a year. In all aspects of life, there were incredible highs and extreme lows.

After coming off a record breaking 2019, the year started strong before hitting a major slowdown when the coronavirus hit. According to a recent report from Fidelity, year-to-date, there have been 96 RIA transactions, comprising $122.9B in AUM. Despite the slowdown in March, April, and May, the current activity level is on par with the levels from a year ago. 

With everything going on, you may be asking yourself is now really the time to make a change? Why should I consider switching B/Ds? While there are many reasons you could use to talk yourself out of it, we’ve put together a list of three major reasons why you should consider making a switch. 

SUPERIOR SERVICES: Services such as practice management consulting and marketing on social media can help bring big improvements in advisors’ office operation and outreach efforts. Now more than ever, you want a B/D that is going to help with hiring, technology, marketing, staff training, and business planning, so you get the opportunity to spend more time focusing on your clients. 

SUCCESSION ASSISTANCE: COVID-19 has made us all consider the future, and for some, that might include starting to consider retirement. Finding a B/D that helps with succession planning could be the best solution for you, and making the switch could lead to significant financial benefits.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH: Switching B/Ds can be an exciting opportunity for someone looking to grow their business. Finding a B/D with good practice management support can play a key role in helping you grow your practice. How? A significant part of growing your business is staying competitive with new products, technology, and innovative marketing. A good B/D will help you stay ahead of the curve on these fronts, as well as help you find new opportunities to grow your business.

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