Is your Admin Fee too high?

Ok, maybe a more valid question is “do you even know what you are paying for your Advisor Admin Fee (sometimes called Global Admin Fee)?”

For some advisors stopping and actually taking a hard look at what you are paying might cause shock.  If you’ve been with your BD for years it is likely much higher than when you first joined.

3xEquity is widely acknowledged as the authority on advisor moves and recently we’ve been talking with more and more advisors about the fees they are paying and for some it has become the catalyst for them to explore new options.  

Believe it or not, Admin Fees can vary significantly from firm to firm, and getting a hold on how much is being siphoned off and where the grass might be greener can present yet another reason for an advisor to move.

Complete the form now to get your own Admin Fee analysis and review with one of our Senior Analysts.  

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"They kicked The Tires so All I had to do was go in and take the test drive."

Jason Lambert’s move during the height of the pandemic was a case study in how to make a successful move (even under the best of conditions).  Watch our interview with Jason to learn more or click to get started on securing your own offers and finding your best fit. 

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Valuation services

You can’t grow what you don’t measure, that’s why getting a valuation is such an important next step for your practice.  Whether you are looking towards succession planning, a merger/acquisition, or simply setting a baseline, 3xEquity has the tools to deliver a meaningful and actionable valuation.

JL Washington

Working with 3xEquity saved me a ton of time. They kicked the tires so all I had to do was show up and take the test drive.

TW Louisiana

In less time than it takes to order a cup of coffee you are on your way to receiving multiple offers from top broker dealers.

MT New York

I'm still considering a transition but I've learned so much from 3xEquity. They are my go-to source for transition expertise.

JW California

I thought the offers might not be that good. I was wrong. One offer was so good I transitioned my company.

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