No one is powerless when we come together. No one is invisible when we demand to be seen.

Rise works to codify civil rights.

We are leaders from #MeToo#StopAsianHateWomen’s March, and March for Our Lives – the largest grassroots organizing moments in recent US history. We started by fighting for survivors of sexual violence and collectively, we’ve passed more than 65 laws. We’ve gathered our experience to teach you how to pass your own law for your community.

Cities across America have incubators for tech startups, but nothing like that exists for civil rights. Rise is demystifying this path for everyone by spreading what we’ve learned to new causes so that everyone can claim their place in our democracy. It is built on our belief that the best people to solve problems are those that live the problem everyday.


Through our theory of hope, our mission is to help anyone who has the vision and drive to pen their own rights into existence.

Our Values

Hope is contagious

Our work is bipartisan

Kindness is key

We are for (the) people

We practice radical empathy

We uphold trauma-informed boundaries

Our Story

“...Amanda realized she had a choice: accept the system, or rewrite the law. So she rewrote the law & created Rise to teach others how to do the same.”

In 2013, during her final year at Harvard University, Amanda Nguyen was raped. On the day that she was raped, Amanda never could have imagined that a greater injustice awaited her than the one she had already been forced to endure. After spending 6 hours that night at the hospital, she discovered that her untested rape kit, the forensic evidence collected from her body, would be routinely destroyed. The police provided no reason about why rape kits were destroyed, but the reason was clear when Amanda stepped into her rape crisis center. The waiting room was filled with women; there were not enough chairs to sit in. Simply, the law has a gender and that gender is not female.

America doesn’t give all an equal voice. Too often underrepresented groups are left out of the policy conversations that impact their lives. This rigged system – paid lobbying – sells democracy to the highest bidder which bars marginalized, less resourced people from accessing the legislative process. Walking out of the hospital, Amanda realized she had a choice: accept the system, or rewrite the law. So she rewrote the law & created Rise to teach others how to do the same.

Our Story

In November 2014, Amanda Nguyen founded Rise, a nonprofit organization which was started to protect the civil rights of sexual assault and rape survivors. It was named Rise to “remind us that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can rise up and change the world.”

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