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Partner Program: Certified Practice Valuations

Unlock Opportunities With A Certified Practice Valuation From Preferred Partner - 3xEquity

3xEquity is proud to be a preferred partner with Lincoln Financial, providing advisors with certified practice valuations that deepen their understanding of their current practice and highlight opportunities for future growth.

  • Practice metrics
  • Peer comparisons
  • 5-year revenue trends
  • Practice and per client profit margin
  • 10-year practice value projection
  • Tax implication breakdown

Exclusive Lincoln Financial Advisor Pricing

Fee Comparison

23-Page Report

Part history book, part guide post…it is likely our valuation will be the most comprehensive look at your business you’ve ever taken.

Higher Quality.
More Actionable.

Stacked up against the leading competition in the industry, our valuations  excel.

3xEquity | The Authority on Advisor Transitions

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A Certified Valuation Opens Doors

to financing from Live Oak Bank and the SBA.  Be sure to ask us to connect your valuation with possible financing options.

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