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Thinking About Transitioning?

Harvest has partnered with 3xEquity, the authority on advisor transitions, to help you secure multiple offers from top broker-dealers, all while remaining 100% anonymous.

Two Offers

Receive your two best offers and then take the action that makes the most sense for you.
You control the conversation.

Top Broker Dealers

The same broker dealers you see on our site are making offers right now to advisors like you.
Don’t miss out!

Zero Risk

Your name is not shared with any broker dealer until you’ve seen their offer and decided to speak with them. You've got nothing to lose.

Enter Practice Data

How Our FREE Service Works

1. Enter Practice Data

Share 3 pieces of information about your practice and we'll begin our search.

2. Receive Customized Offers

Our team leverages their experience and connections to obtain your best offers.

3. Choose With Confidence

With several offers in-hand, make a truly informed decision and find your best fit.

100% Confidential

Incredibly smooth process. No more sharing of your identity.

3xEquity makes finding your best offers safer, more timely, and easier.

Over 1,000 offers have been delivered.​

What happens from here

In the next few minutes a confirmation will be sent to the email address you listed above, noting that your secure data has been received. The team at 3xEquity will begin working right away to secure your offers, sometimes in as little as 4 business days. The confirmation email also includes details on how to contact 3xEquity at any time during the process or you can connect with them via their website at www.3xEquity.com.


Offers are not limited to partners of Harvest nor does Harvest receive your data. 3xEquity’s services for this offer are FREE to all advisors. Harvest may receive compensation based on advisor transitions. This compensation does not impact the offer you receive from a broker dealer.

2 Best Offers from Top Broker Dealers. 100% Anonymous.