LPL Launches Linsco: New Hybrid Model

LPL Linsco

Newest Employee-Advisor Model Independence without the hassle A host of exciting advisor options exist These days, it seems like new advisor models and advisor hybrid models (and hybrid of hybrid models) are popping up left and right! COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order gave advisors a taste of the freedom that some independent models have to […]

Top Tech Trends For FA’s

The future is tech Technology gaps  The new normal of remote work Technology is a powerful tool that drives just about everything we do. It’s all around us: in our kitchens, in our cars, even on our wrists. And while there may be a large technology gap that’s evident all across the industry, in terms […]

What JP Morgan Buying OpenInvest Means For You

OpenInvest has been making big headlines this July after being bought by J.P. Morgan. OpenInvest will retain its brand while being integrated into the J.P. Morgan Private Bank and Wealth Management client offerings — however, there are way more changes ahead!  As part of the acquisition, OpenInvest is ending their days as a money manager […]

On Which Shoulder Does Your BD Sit?

good bad broker dealer

We’ve all seen the angel and the devil on the shoulder play out in the movies − after all, it’s a classic Hollywood trope. At the crossroads of an important decision, poof… in come these opposing influencers to try their best to sway the character towards their definition of the right or wrong choice.   Well, […]

Battle Of The Custodial Giants

There’s a heavyweight match brewing in the custodian game, and Goldman Sachs just entered the ring. Goldman is in the beginning stages of building out an RIA custodian and clearing platform. Once complete, they’ll be out there looking to go toe-to-toe with big names like Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and Pershing.  But what’s making this battle […]

Transitions Aren’t What They Used To Be…They’re Better!

Better transitions

We’ve all heard of the headaches that are often associated with transitioning to a new broker- dealer — the pains of repapering, the long transition time commitment, the risk of compliance issues rising and the worst, client attrition. It’s enough to keep you from making the move you’ve always dreamed of or make you seriously […]



The past few years have brought a mass exodus of firms leaving the Broker Protocol. With big names like Morgan Stanley and UBS dropping out of the agreement, many have followed suit, upending the financial industry and impacting advisors just like you! Firms initially joined the Broker Protocol to minimize the litigation that was occurring […]

Why Having A Current Practice Valuation Matters

Practice Valuation

Financial advisors often determine the valuation of their practice only near the time they plan to exit the practice. Worse, many do not have a solid, objective method for determining that valuation. According to the ’15 Fidelity RIA benchmarking study, only about 42% of RIAs undertake regular valuations on their own, and only about 52% […]

Resilience, Resolve, and Realization


Winston Churchill famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and while harsh at first glimpse, it really speaks to a victory in the face of adversity. And, that’s exactly what we’ve seen from financial advisors all over the country. While very few would say that the coronavirus and subsequent shift to working […]

Thinking About Going Independent? 3 Reasons To Reconsider

not going independent

The current environment, in which most of us are working from home and many firms are still slow to reopen, has a lot of advisors considering the classic breakaway scenario and going independent. After all, the shift from working in an office to working remotely has many advisors feeling like they’re only one step away […]