Advisor Transition Survey

Unlocking The Truth Behind Financial Advisor Transitions

Selected Findings From Our Annual Survey

Loyalty Is Rare. If You Find It, Keep It.
Mark Twain famously quipped, “Loyalty to the Country at all times. Loyalty to the Government when it deserves it.” Our survey respondents told a similar story when it came to their broker dealer.

According to our the survey data, if Twain were a financial advisor he may have noted, “Loyalty to the Client at all times. Loyalty to
the Broker Dealer when it deserves it.”

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Your Confidence Will Be Rewarded
Though it may sound like advice from a fortune cookie, collected data showed that an advisors confidence is very likely to be rewarded when it comes to a transition to a new broker dealer.

From % of assets moved to a willingness to move again, advisors signaled that moving to a new broker dealer was a worthwhile exercise.

Seriously, Who Moved My Cheese?
Change may be a constant, but advisors who responded to our survey pointed again and again to change as a primary factor in their decision to jump ship.

From disruptions due to acquisition to changes in compensation and fee structures, data showed that shuffling the deck sends advisors to the exits.

One Is Not A Sample Size

One Is Not A Sample Size
We live in a world of nearly infinite choice and for the majority of advisors looking to transition, that ability to choose meant securing more than one transition offer.
Most advisors fit into a sweet spot of having received 2-4 offers, providing them the opportunity to compare and contrast transition packages and future opportunities with a new broker dealer.

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